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Why Am I Still Getting Acne as an Adult?!

It’s a commonly held belief that acne is largely the plight of teenagers—which leads many adults to feel confused and disheartened when they just can’t ... Read the full post

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Dermaplaning Appointment

In a world where high-tech skincare treatments often take the spotlight, you may be surprised to learn that one of our most popular skin treatments ... Read the full post

The Truth About Stretch Marks

Got stretch marks? Welcome to the human race! Stretch marks affect a great number of men and women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. Despite ... Read the full post

Base Tans & Other Myths About Tanning, Sunburns, & Skin Cancer

With beach vacations, long days by the pool, ball games, and barbecues, summer is a favorite time of year for many of us. It also ... Read the full post

2015 Trend Report: Nonsurgical Treatments, Male Plastic Surgery, & Remembering the Neck  

Last year, buttock augmentation and neck rejuvenation took the plastic surgery world by storm, while other procedures fell out of favor. As the economy improves, ... Read the full post

Skin Anti-Aging Tips: 5 Bad Habits Worth Breaking

Stress, diet, environmental toxins, and genetics are already working against us when it comes to our skin. Why add fuel to the fire? You may ... Read the full post

How Much BOTOX® Do I Need? 6 Tips to Demystify the Dosage Question

Are you interested in BOTOX® Cosmetic, but feel lost when it comes to understanding how much you might need? With so much conflicting information ... Read the full post

Getting to Know mybody™ Products

I’m delighted to offer my patients the mybody™ line of medical grade skin care, having been personally impressed with the products and the philosophy behind ... Read the full post
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