Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Actual Reviews* for Dr. Emily J. Kirby

Patient Notes & Testimonials*

“Dear Dr. Kirby, It has been a year since you worked so many hours in surgery on me. Your every careful stitch is appreciated. I asked for so much and got more than I thought possible. I am sure you were exhausted at the end of the day. When you said ‘I can do that’ in your office I felt completely confident in you, and you did it. Thank you so much.”



“Dr. Kirby is the very best!”* — MB

“From the beginning, it was apparent that Dr. Kirby is a caring individual who was interested in my welfare and recovery.”* — FR

“Wish I had docs like you on the battlefield. Thanks.”* — TD

“Thank you for listening to me and taking time to explain every detail to me and my family. Thank you so much.”* — CD

“Thank you so much for being great!”* — KF

“I appreciate you for being such an awesome doctor and caring for me like an awesome person that you are. You are the greatest in my book.”* — EJ

“Thank you so much for all the work you have done. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it so much.”* — AS

“Good afternoon to you! I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how excited I am about the tattoos. :-) They are looking really good and I’m sure they’ll look even better when she is done. I am hoping we can make just a few adjustments. It feels good to look in the mirror and see boobs! :-) Dr. Kirby, I so appreciate you seeing me through this process. You and the whole staff have been so helpful and I can’t imagine having gone through this process with any other medical team! From the beginning when I was so upset and scared you have helped encourage me while at the same time being realistic about the possible outcomes of each of the steps. You may or may not see what you do as a calling but I want to say, that I certainly believe it is. Thank you for doing what you do with a good balance of professionalism and compassion. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!”



“Dr. Kirby did my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. AMAZING! She is very approachable and the consultation was great.”* — Anonymous

“The staff was great and welcomed me warmly. Dr. Kirby never rushed to get to the next person, but rather answered all of my questions in detail. She’s very knowledgeable and certainly seems to know about the latest techniques – what works, what doesn’t and what was best for me and my body. Thank you Dr. Kirby!!”* — LC

“Please share these kudos with Dr. Kirby, I wanted to share a great experience with Dr. Kirby today. Her patient was showing signs of illness. I contacted her by phone to notify her ahead of time. She was very pleasant and courteous and caring about her patient. She called me back a couple of times and provided her personal cell so we could have better communication. In one of her phone calls, she had further assessment questions and an order to help check the child for a potential strep infection. I really appreciated her positive and thoughtful communication. Because of her safe care, we were able to determine this child should be rescheduled for surgery another day and provide the health care the child needed. This is the kind of professional caring physician I am proud to work beside!”



“Dr. Kirby is the key to looking youthful in Fort Worth. I went to see her for some Botox (been receiving Botox and filler treatments since 1999) and to lift cheeks to revolumize my midface for a better overall look. We decide to go with injectable fillers for a quick fix since I have no patience and wanted instant results. She explained to me all my current and future options. Love the way she injected my forehead. No heavy or pointy brows! Dr. Kirby has an awesome technique for injecting! Dr. Kirby is not only a fine physician she is a wife and mother. She will understand your needs and desires and what will fit into your lifestyle. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a warm and inviting staff. The office is beautiful and relaxing.”* — DT

“It meant so much to us to have a doctor like you. Someone who is willing to go above the standard of care of a patient. You have made us feel confident about everything and have reassured us along the way. Thank you so much for such great care!”* — TD

“There are so many thank yous to be said. We are ever so thankful.”* — DD

“My daughter had sagittal skull surgery on the 16th and every nurse was helpful and patient and willing to help. Her doctors that did the surgery, Dr. Kirby and Dr. Donahue, did amazing and I am thankful for how informative they were without me having to even ask questions, they explained everything.”



“Dear Dr. Kirby & staff,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did, Dr. Kirby, on my bleph and also to each staff member that made this process so much easier to get through. I felt like each of you truly cared about my progress and results from my first visit to the last. I can’t thank you all enough. I thank God every day for this experience and results.

“Thank you to Dr. Kirby and team for the amazing work and service I received. Your work is truly a piece of art! I will be sharing your name with all of my friends.— Anonymous

“She was not only professional, reassuring, and confident, but also friendly.”* — Anonymous

“I had a little procedure in the office and was very impressed. Everyone was so friendly! The office is beautiful. I felt like Dr. Kirby really cared about my issue and took the time to explain the procedure and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Kirby Plastic Surgery to anyone needing/wanting plastic surgery.”* — Anonymous

“I would let you operate on me again or any of my family any time!”* — RM

“Dr. Kirby recently stitched a wound on the face of my 6 year-old at Cooks Children’s Hospital following an accident. She was not only very professional, reassuring and confident, but she was also friendly and sympathetic to our concerns. The results of Dr. Kirby’s stitching were great. She did an excellent job. I was glad to have met her there, and have appreciated the follow-up appointments in her office. The office is lovely, and everyone is very nice. Highly recommended!”* — Anonymous

“After a severe accident, Dr Kirby accepted me as a patient from the emergency room and performed surgery to repair my hand. I had severe lacerations and had severed both my ulnar artery and nerve. The repair is incredible. The nerve function is slowly returning and the injury is barely visible. Thank you Dr Kirby!”* — MJ

“Dr. Kirby was awesome. Jamie was great and was able to schedule the procedure on a day that worked well for me. Can’t wait to get back on the water…hello Possum Kingdom!”* — NS

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