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2015 Trend Report: Nonsurgical Treatments, Male Plastic Surgery, & Remembering the Neck  

iStock_000018337725_for-webLast year, buttock augmentation and neck rejuvenation took the plastic surgery world by storm, while other procedures fell out of favor. As the economy improves, the number of patients seeking cosmetic procedures should continue to grow. The primary goal for these procedures will be maintaining a fresh, youthful appearance, in addition to enhancing specific features through procedures like breast and buttock augmentation.

So, which procedures will these patients be choosing in 2015? Below, I have listed my beauty trend forecast for the new year:

  1. Noninvasive procedures will remain a top choice.

    The soaring popularity of nonsurgical treatment options in 2014 will continue through the new year. As various cosmetic enhancements are becoming increasingly available, patients are opting for non- or minimally-invasive solutions before moving on to more significant surgical procedures. This means treatments like BOTOX® or dermal fillers will continue to be a popular first-line defense against aging.

However, patients are also becoming smarter and more wary of new technologies. Certain nonsurgical procedures that started out strong last year, such as noninvasive fat melting, are losing their luster as patients find out that, while occasionally beneficial, these treatments do not achieve results on par with their surgical counterparts.

  1. Neck lifts become an essential cosmetic procedure.

    Treating the neck is not just for facelift patients anymore—patients are realizing how much their neck affects their appearance and are looking into making improvements at younger ages. Neck lifts are quickly gaining popularity as a means to supplement non-surgical facial rejuvenation or to complement profile-changing surgeries, such as rhinoplasty or chin augmentation. It’s no wonder more people are concentrating on this area: removing neck fat through liposuction or lifting and tightening the skin can dramatically improve a patient’s appearance.

  1. Demand for dual-use beauty products will soar.

    As consumers continue to seek out natural, chemical-free beauty products, we are also seeing more makeup products that include skincare benefits. Mineral makeup, anti-aging foundations, and all-natural eyeshadows will saturate the market as we continue craving the convenience of products that serve multiple purposes.

  1. The age of “Brotox:” men are requesting more cosmetic procedures.

    Liposuction is a common procedure for men, often used to minimize the appearance of enlarged male breast tissue (gynecomastia). I think 2015 will see further increases in male plastic surgery, with men focusing on a wider variety of procedures, such as facial rejuvenation or body contouring. Men are also more likely to try BOTOX® or fillers to treat fine lines and reduce the appearance of aging. As plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments become more accessible and acceptable, they will become increasingly attractive options for men who want to retain a sharp, masculine appearance.

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