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Best Ways to Reduce a Double Chin: Is Kybella, CoolSculpting, or Liposuction Right for You?

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Not thrilled with your double chin? You’re in luck. Plastic surgeons now have several great options for double chin reduction, including neck liposuction, Kybella injections, and CoolSculpting.

We offer all three of these popular procedures at Kirby Plastic Surgery and Kalos Medical Spa because, while all serve a similar purpose, each has unique benefits.

There’s nothing like hearing about a treatment straight from the patient’s point of view, so I’d like to share with you this video from Harper’s Bazaar. It features three different patients, each of whom chose a different one of these double chin reduction treatments.

Kybella vs. CoolSculpting vs. chin liposuction: which would you choose?

After watching the video, you can see why each patient made her choice and why each of these women are happy with their experience and results.

Liposuction: a “one and done” fat reduction procedure

Mia chose liposuction to make sure she got the results she wanted with a one-time procedure, where her plastic surgeon was in control of fat removal. Although a few days of downtime were required, liposuction saved her time in the long run because she didn’t have to return for more treatments. And, she loved her results!

CoolSculpting: quick treatment, no downtime, lasting results

For Danielle, a zero-downtime, non-invasive option was a must, and CoolSculpting® offered just that. While CoolSculpting is more suited for general fat reduction and can’t provide precise sculpting, Danielle was very happy with her results just four months after treatment.

Kybella injections: a fast, “fine-tunable” non-surgical option

Jill chose Kybella® injections because the 15 minute treatments and minimal downtime fit into her busy lifestyle. She found the temporary redness and swelling easy to conceal. After each of her 3 treatments, Jill noticed her results getting better and better; that’s because her provider was able to fine-tune each series of injections as Jill progressively lost chin fat.

Curious about Fort Worth CoolSculpting, Kybella, liposuction—or other ways to optimize your appearance? Give us a call.

While having choices is important, at Kirby Plastic Surgery & Kalos Medical Spa we carefully curate a menu of treatments that are scientifically established to be safe and effective. To learn more about fat reduction options, call or TEXT (817) 292-4200 for a consultation. Our highly trained, certified clinicians at Kalos Medical Spa work closely with me to provide patients with the best options to reach their goals.

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