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Skin Anti-Aging Tips: 5 Bad Habits Worth Breaking

Skin CareStress, diet, environmental toxins, and genetics are already working against us when it comes to our skin. Why add fuel to the fire? You may be surprised to learn all of the ways you are prematurely aging your skin, but luckily, habits are made to be broken. Give your skin a break and maintain your youthful appearance by avoiding these five common practices:

Rubbing Your Eyes

Whether it is the result of an allergy-triggered itch or lack of sleep, rubbing, tugging, or pulling on the fragile skin around your eyes is a habit you should avoid. The skin in this area is incredibly delicate, and excessive pressure or touching can result in darker pigmentation that will add years to your face.

If you are unable to nix this habit on your own, it may be helpful for you to see an allergist or eye doctor to determine what is contributing to your eye irritation and treat the symptoms.

Yo-Yo Dieting

One of the worst offenders when it comes to aging your skin is frequent weight fluctuation. Losing and gaining weight on a regular basis can ruin the elasticity of your skin by breaking down collagen and elastin. Additionally, many fad diets involve eating large quantities of one type of food rather than including a variety of healthy options, which can negatively affect your skin. One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to feed it well with foods that include all of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

If you would like to lose weight in a healthy way, I recommend consulting with a dietician. Be sure to incorporate vitamin C-rich foods, like citrus or spinach, in your diet to aid in collagen production.

Sipping on Straws

Your iced latte or fruity cocktail may seem incomplete without one, but puckering up to sip through a straw can contribute to fine lines around your mouth. The combination of pursed lips and suction caused by drinking through a straw creates a repetitive motion that can wrinkle skin around your lips and age your lower face. The same goes for smoking cigarettes.

Try your best to avoid drinking from straws and invest in a high-quality cream formulated specifically for the skin around your mouth. For a more dramatic result, select dermal fillers can be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

Expecting Instant Results from Beauty Treatments

Most of us are guilty of trying a face cream or anti-aging treatment once or twice and then giving up on it before it has had a chance to work. A majority of anti-aging treatments take up to a month to begin showing positive effects. This is due to the cycle of your skin, which undergoes a period of cellular structure renewal over a span of 30 days. Unfortunately for many, it is easy to toss a new product in the trash if you are unable to see improvement within a few applications.

If you are interested in developing a beneficial skincare routine, the first step is consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or experienced dermatologist about your unique skin concerns. They can guide you in the right direction and suggest medical-grade skincare products that are a good fit for your skin. The next step is to stick with new products for at least two months, allowing your skin to respond to the new treatment and giving yourself a chance to see if it is working. For my patients, I recommend mybody™ medical-grade skincare products to address a variety of skincare issues.

The Sun: Friend or Foe?

While those with seasonal affective disorder or a lack of vitamin D see the sun as an important part of their health, this natural wonder can be equally destructive. Sun damage is one of the biggest offenders for prematurely aging your skin. Additionally, exposure to those dangerous UV rays comes with a host of health risks. Although awareness is growing, many still forgo necessary precautions for preventing damage from the sun’s rays.

Turn this habit around by avoiding prolonged sun exposure from 10 am to 3 pm. When outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen to protect yourself and your skin.

Anti-Aging Solutions

In addition to breaking these bad habits, you can take proactive measures for protecting your skin and maintaining your youthful appearance. To learn more about effective solutions for preventing or treating aging skin, contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.


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