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Understanding the Plastic Surgeon’s “Bag of Tricks”

One of the benefits of seeing a board certified plastic surgeon is that he or she has a wide variety of options for treating a specific cosmetic concern. Having a comprehensive “bag of tricks” allows me to suggest treatment options that best suit my patients’ needs.

Let’s look at facial wrinkles as an example. If someone comes to me with concerns about wrinkles, we don’t automatically begin discussing surgery. There is a wide spectrum of treatments that I have at my disposal to address wrinkles, some noninvasive (medical-grade skin care), some non-surgical (injectables such as BOTOX® or JUVÉDERM®), and some surgical (a facelift). I see many people who think that the only solution for their issues is surgery, but I can often suggest an alternative treatment option for cosmetic improvement.

One Trick, One Treatment?
Other aesthetic professionals may offer treatments that address wrinkles, such as BOTOX®. But if your wrinkled forehead would actually be better treated with a brow lift, giving you a lasting improvement, you will not get that recommendation at a medspa! An experienced plastic surgeon has the training to assess your anatomy and then reach into that bag of tricks for the most appropriate solution. There are several reasons to choose a plastic surgeon for your cosmetic needs:

  • Plastic surgeons are versatile. A plastic surgeon is anything but a one trick pony. A medspa may offer a few of the same non-surgical procedures, but you will not hear a full explanation of options available to treat your concerns. A plastic surgeon’s office is different. Whether surgical or non-surgical in nature, a surgeon should be able to offer you the best, most comprehensive array of treatment choices.
  • Plastic surgeons have extensive training. Comparatively, board certified plastic surgeons receive significantly more training than other aesthetic professionals; many undergo as many as 6 years of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical training, and that doesn’t include additional specialties they may also elect to pursue. They not only have the experience to suggest a variety of treatments, but they also have the appropriate training to perform them.
  • Plastic surgeons offer better patient education. After so many years of education and hands-on training, plastic surgeons are extremely familiar with the benefits and, perhaps most importantly, the limitations of various treatment approaches. If all a provider can offer you is BOTOX®, that is all you can get, even though it may not be the optimum treatment for your issues. A plastic surgeon can thoroughly discuss your goals with you and help you prioritize your cosmetic treatment options.

Working with a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have surgery—rather, it ensures that all choices for aesthetic improvement are at your disposal. Contact our office today and let us put our bag of tricks to work for you!

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