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5 Things to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon’s Before & After Galleries

Before and after photos serve as a portfolio of a plastic surgeon’s work. They can give you an idea of the results you can expect, ... Read the full post

7 Things To Tell Your Surgeon Before Having Plastic Surgery

The search for a plastic surgeon is exciting – you have an idea of the procedure you want, and you are looking for a board-certified ... Read the full post

Worried About Your Plastic Surgery Recovery? Here’s How Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Has Changed Things for the Better.

Before plastic surgery, every patient wants to know how long their recovery will take. While all plastic surgeons provide a range, very few go above ... Read the full post

New USDA Nutrition Guidelines: Here’s What You Need to Know

When you cook a meal, do you think about the food groups? If you are a parent, you likely try your best to expand your ... Read the full post

5 Reasons You May Consider Surgical Aftercare

Planning ahead makes for a smooth recovery after your much-anticipated cosmetic surgery. This includes arranging not only your recovery space, medications, and magazine piles, but ... Read the full post

What is an Accredited Plastic Surgery Center?

  When electing to have plastic surgery, you’re likely to spend significant time researching procedures. You probably also know to make sure your plastic surgeon ... Read the full post

CBD Oil Before / After Surgery Safe?

While some states are slowly adopting more lenient laws regarding the recreational use of marijuana, it is a byproduct of this plant that seems to ... Read the full post

3 Surprising Tips That Can Lead to a Faster Plastic Surgery Recovery

There are a few questions I can count on almost everyone asking during a consultation, and “how long will the recovery take?” is certainly one ... Read the full post

How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Is cosmetic breast surgery in your future? Congratulations! Whether you’re having a breast augmentation, lift or reduction, you are on your way to having breasts ... Read the full post

Considering plastic surgery? Signs you’re in good hands, and red flags that say “walk away”

The elective nature of cosmetic surgery can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have complete freedom to choose your doctor, without referrals ... Read the full post
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