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Battling Bad BOTOX results? – An Experienced Injector Matters

botox injectables kirbyMore and more people are choosing BOTOX® to treat facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet and frown lines. Given this surge in popularity, it is more important than ever to check that your provider is properly qualified to administer injectable treatments.

Who Should Inject BOTOX?

BOTOX® may sound easy to administer, but successful treatment requires a sophisticated knowledge of facial structure. Once injected, BOTOX® works by blocking signals between the nerves and muscles, effectively preventing movement of wrinkle-causing muscles. So, while talk of BOTOX® is nonchalant and the procedure is quick, patients need to remember that BOTOX® should only be administered by a highly trained professional.

Your injector needs to fully understand all of the muscle groups that form your expressions and the resulting wrinkles. Your results will depend on that knowledge: for instance, a superficial injection in one area of the face can provide a completely different result and facial expression than a deeper injection in the same area.

For these reasons, I recommend getting your injections from a board certified plastic surgeon or a well-trained, experienced injector.

The Risk of Poorly Administered BOTOX®

When administered with a heavy or inexperienced hand, BOTOX® injections can result in a “frozen” appearance. If BOTOX® is injected incorrectly, patients may also experience eyelid ptosis or “droopy eyes.” These and other issues are most often caused by the following factors, which are common amongst bargain or inexperienced providers:

  • Dilution of BOTOX® with too much saline can cause it to spread and behave strangely once injected.
  • Inadequate knowledge of facial structure and improper injection techniques, such as injecting too closely to the muscles that cause eyelid droop.
  • Using off-brand product not manufactured by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®.

Expertly-placed injections should soften lines and wrinkles of the brow while still allowing for expression and movement around the eyes. The outcome should look natural and subtle, not stiff or extreme.

For safe and successful results, it is important that you put yourself in capable, experienced hands. I encourage all BOTOX® patients to choose a board certified plastic surgeon or other extensively trained and certified provider to administer BOTOX® injections.

If you are in Fort Worth and considering BOTOX®, give us a call; I would love to meet with you and help you determine a treatment plan that will give you results you will love.


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