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7 Things To Tell Your Surgeon Before Having Plastic Surgery

Young Women at Plastic Surgery Consultation Before Her Surgical Procedure with her SurgeonThe search for a plastic surgeon is exciting – you have an idea of the procedure you want, and you are looking for a board certified plastic surgeon who has achieved gorgeous results for previous patients like yourself. While this is a good time to prepare the questions you will ask, it is just as important to be ready to provide honest and detailed answers to their questions. Prepare to tell your surgeon about these 7 things that will have a direct impact on your surgery and recovery.

1. All of your past procedures, surgical and non-surgical

Disclose all of your past procedures to your surgeon, even treatments that require no downtime. Why? Non-surgical options such as laser resurfacing, ultrasound-based skin tightening, CoolSculpting®, and injectables all affect your tissues in different ways, and your surgeon needs to take those changes into account when planning your surgery.

2. Your full medical history

Outline your complete medical history—allergies, procedures, illnesses, and more—for your surgical team. Your safety will be in your surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s hands, so assume everything is relevant to your surgery.

3. Medical issues that run in your family

Tell your surgeon about medical problems that affect your immediate family. Many conditions are genetic, and knowing this information allows your plastic surgeon to screen for risks that are unique to you.

4. All prescription medications you take

Every medication is relevant when it comes to surgery and anesthesia, so tell your surgeon about everything you take. It is critical for your safety that your surgical team knows what is (or could be) in your system so that they are able to ensure nothing interferes with the effectiveness of your anesthesia or pain medications.

5. All non-prescription medications, including recreational drugs, supplements, herbs, and teas

As with prescription medications, any non-prescription medicine, herb, tea, or supplement could interfere with your anesthesia or medications. Importantly, this includes any recreational drugs, such as marijuana. You can and should be 100% honest with your surgeon; they are not there to judge you, but rather to give you their best advice on how to safely achieve the results you seek.

6. Any upcoming travel or events you are planning

It may be unsafe to travel for a certain period of time after surgery, so talk with your surgeon about upcoming plans. If you have important events coming up, take their advice about timing your surgery so that you feel your best for the experiences that matter most to you.

7. What kind of results you honestly want

Speak candidly with your surgeon about what you want to look like after your procedure. It can help to use “wish pics” and before and after photos (we provide a selection for you during the consultation). Your surgeon will use this information to make sure you have realistic expectations for the procedure, or suggest alternative procedures if those would be more appropriate for you.

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