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5 Reasons You May Consider Surgical Aftercare

Kirby Plastic Surgery patients may consider after care after surgical proceduresPlanning ahead makes for a smooth recovery after your much-anticipated cosmetic surgery. This includes arranging not only your recovery space, medications, and magazine piles, but also your recovery team. Who is going to be on your team of helpers after your surgery?

The procedures offered at our in-office AAAASF-accredited surgery center are outpatient, which means that you will be able to return home on the day of surgery. Some patients prefer not to recover at home or with family members, however, due to busy (or squeamish) spouses, small children at home, or general privacy concerns.

In these and many other cases, patients may choose to arrange a surgical aftercare service, and to remain under the direct care of a trained medical professional.

What to expect from surgical aftercare in Fort Worth

Surgical aftercare services employ skilled caregivers, typically nurses or medical assistants, to ensure that you have what you need, either at home or in a luxury overnight facility. Each service offers slightly different options, but many are able to tailor caregiving to your individual recovery needs. Some patients may have their needs met by having a nurse come to their home, while others may be most comfortable recovering in a specialized facility.

As with any care provider, screen your chosen aftercare provider up front. Read reviews from previous patients and ask questions about their qualifications and services, ensuring that they are capable of caring for you and handling any emergency that may arise. Once you have chosen a specific group, be sure to talk with them about even the smallest details up front, such as whether or not they will prepare meals for you or pick up your prescriptions.

Fort Worth Home Care Assistance

For those in the Fort Worth area looking for in-home aftercare, Fort Worth Home Care Assistance offers a variety of services to help you during the initial postsurgical recovery period. While some patients may only require a few hours of assistance from a caring professional, others may choose to have a caregiver at their home around the clock for a few days.

Reasons you may want surgical aftercare

Professional aftercare may be desirable if your planned procedures or your personal circumstances make recovery potentially difficult for you. You may choose to arrange aftercare simply for your own peace of mind. Here are some common situations in which my patients employ post-surgical care:

1. You live alone.

A nurse can provide assurance that you will be treated without having to involve friends or family. In addition to not burdening others, choosing outside help may increase privacy around your procedure.

2. You plan to have multiple procedures at once, such as tummy tuck and breast reduction.

Nursing care may be helpful for the day or two after surgery, which tend to be the most challenging. This is especially true after any major surgery, such as a tummy tuck.

3. Your significant other feels uncomfortable caring for you or is unable to help.

If your significant other is busy with work, will have their hands full with the kids, or faints at the sight of a bandage, they may not be able to offer you reliable recovery support. Professionals can help your loved ones to be supportive in the ways they are most comfortable.

4. You are a parent with active children.

For parents with young children, aftercare may provide peace and quiet during this time when you need to rest and protect your incisions from bear hugs.

5. You have an underlying health condition.

While my team and I are on call for you after surgery, having certain underlying health conditions may lead you to additional in-person monitoring after surgery. Alternatively, we can plan an overnight stay in the hospital, if needed. Having a nurse at hand can provide greater peace of mind for you and your family.

Expect the utmost in care from Kirby Plastic Surgery

With Dr. Emily Kirby and the care team at Kirby Plastic Surgery, you can rest assured that we are here for you before, during, and after your procedure. To learn more and schedule your consultation with Dr. Kirby, contact us online or call (817) 292-4200.

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