Natrelle INSPIRA Implants

Inspira® Breast Implants in Fort Worth

Get the natural look & feel of silicone gel with the peace of mind of a smooth breast implant

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How natural you feel after breast augmentation matters just as much as how you look. That’s why Dr. Kirby is proud to offer Natrelle INSPIRA® silicone breast implants in Fort Worth. Made using the latest generation of cohesive silicone gel technology, INSPIRA® implants are round silicone gel implants with a smooth, durable outer shell and offer varying degrees of firmness.

Dr. Kirby’s patients love the more natural look and feel of these softer gel implants, and they appreciate that they can get the size and shape they want with a smooth-shelled implant.

INSPIRA® is the only FDA approved silicone gel implant that offers three options for implant gel consistency. Each INSPIRA® option looks and feels natural in the breast, but this variety gives us choices for patients who want a soft and natural breast look and feel.


INSPIRA® Responsive: the softest gel option for a truly natural feel

INSPIRA® Responsive implants are the closest consistency to a classic silicone gel implant. The gel inside is thick and cohesive (it sticks to itself and is not liquid). What you get is a breast implant that feels and behaves like natural breast tissue and that preserves the breast shape you had before augmentation. Responsive implants are likely a good option if you:

    • Have adequate natural breast tissue to cover the implant
    • Desire a soft, natural-feeling breast
    • Want a subtle boost in upper breast fullness
    • Like the current shape of your breasts

INSPIRA® SoftTouch: a softer implant for a subtle boost in breast shape

INSPIRA® SoftTouch implants have a slightly thicker gel that holds its shape a little better than the Responsive implant, but is still soft to the touch. It offers a fabulous “just right” option for those wanting a little more fullness added to the upper breast, as well as for those with thinner tissue who are concerned about rippling or wrinkling. This is one of the most popular implant choices at Kirby Plastic Surgery and is great for those who:

  • Desire a soft, natural-feeling breast
  • Would like a noticeable boost in upper breast fullness
  • Have less natural breast tissue to cover the implant
  • Would like a silicone implant that’s not too firm

INSPIRA® Cohesive: all the best features of a form-stable implant for a natural look

INSPIRA® Cohesive implants contain a highly cohesive gel filling, which holds its shape the best out of the three INSPIRA® options. If you have very thin tissue and visible implant edges or rippling are of high concern, you’ll likely do well with the Cohesive implant. It’s a little more firm than the SoftTouch, but it still “bounces back” naturally when pressed upon and looks and feels natural inside the breast.

Dr. Kirby often prefers the INSPIRA® Cohesive for patients who will benefit from an implant that holds its shape. As a smooth-shelled implant, there is a greatly reduced risk of a rare complication of textured implants called ALCL, and Dr. Kirby can achieve a beautiful, natural breast shape using this round implant option. The Cohesive implant may be a good option if you:

  • Have very thin breast tissue and small breasts
  • Would like a more substantial boost in upper breast fullness
  • Want or need an implant that helps the breast retain its shape

We’ll help you find just the right breast implants for your new look.

Your breast augmentation consultation includes an implant sizing session with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kirby and our experienced staff. You’ll get to touch, hold, and even try on different breast implant options that Dr. Kirby believes will work best with your body to help you compare sizes, profiles, and filling consistencies. With Dr. Kirby by your side to answer any questions, the choice is ultimately yours.

How long do breast implants last?

Dr. Kirby explains how often patients might expect to replace their breast implants.

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