Breast Augmentation Video Q and A

Breast Augmentation Video Q&A with Dr. Kirby

Dr. Kirby answers top questions about breast augmentation surgery, including what recovery is like, how long breast implants last, and more in the following videos. If you are considering breast augmentation in Fort Worth, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Kirby at our office to determine whether surgery is right for you, and which options will best meet your needs.

What happens at a breast augmentation consultation?

What is breast augmentation recovery like?

How soon can I get back to work after breast augmentation?

Silicone vs. saline breast implants: what is the difference?

Should I have my breast implants placed over or under the muscle?

How do I know if I will need a breast lift too?

Where will my scar be located?

Will I need to wear a surgical bra after breast augmentation?

How long will it take before results are final?

How long do breast implants last?

What should I do if I think my implant has ruptured?

Will I need another surgery if I have kids after breast augmentation?

Will my breast implants look natural if I gain or lose weight?

Bonus: we couldn’t resist putting together this blooper reel of outtakes we caught when filming the above videos.

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