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Which Procedure Do I Need – A Brow Lift or an Eyelid Lift?

Have you recently looked into the mirror and realized that you looked more tired, sad, or stressed than you really feel? Do lines in your forehead and puffy, droopy eyelids make you appear older than you are? If you’re looking for solutions for a tired-looking face and want to have a more youthful look, you might consider surgery on your brow or eyelids.

It can be hard for patients to determine if they need a brow lift or eyelid lift—also known as blepharoplasty. The confusion exists because the position of the brow can affect the appearance of the eyelids, making you think you need one procedure when you actually need the other—or perhaps both surgeries are called for. If you’re having trouble making the distinction between the two procedures, come in for a consultation and let’s have a chat. I’ll look at the areas of your face that concern you and help you make the right choice for a more youthful and fresh-faced reflection in the mirror. Let’s briefly look at each procedure:

  • Brow lift. If your main concern is that your forehead has become creased with wrinkles, you may need a brow lift. Brow lifts improve the position of the brow, smoothing out the wrinkles and giving you a more youthful-looking forehead. If you think your eyelids appear heavy, a brow lift may also correct that issue, because it may be your sagging brows creating that tired appearance. Determining which procedure—brow lift or eyelid lift—best addresses this particular concern is what often confuses patients. A browlift can be performed endoscopically, depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). While a brow lift can lift your eyebrows, giving you a wider-eyed appearance, an eyelid lift focuses just on your eyelids. An eyelid lift can be performed on your upper lids, lower lids, or both. During an eyelid lift, excess skin and fat are removed from the lids, making them less droopy and puffy. In the case of a lower eyelid lift, the procedure also smooths out bags or wrinkles just below the eye, but it won’t completely eliminate dark circles. An eyelid lift won’t treat “crow’s feet” either, but it is a great way to open up and show off your beautiful eyes.

In some cases, eliminating a sad or tired look may involve both procedures, as both the forehead and the eyelids may be adversely affected by the aging process. The two surgeries complement one another very nicely, creating a balanced rejuvenation and a more youthful face.

Surgical procedures aren’t the only solutions for aesthetic renewal. For example, Botox® might satisfactorily address some facial wrinkles. Contact me so we talk about the right procedure for you. I’m here to help!

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