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The Mommy Makeover: A Different Take on the Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure

Widely regarded as one of the most popular combined cosmetic procedures today, the ‘mommy makeover’ gets a makeover from Texas based plastic surgeon Emily J. Kirby, MD.

Fort Worth, Texas, June 26, 2014 – The rise in plastic surgery procedures suggests that more moms are undergoing body contouring combination procedures or ‘mommy makeovers’ to return to their pre-baby bodies, but Dr. Emily J. Kirby puts the focus on moving forward to enhance the after baby body.

“It’s a myth that a woman’s body can be completely restored to a pre-pregnancy shape in the same way that a woman can lose weight and fit into an old pair of jeans again,” Dr. Kirby explains. “Some of the changes from pregnancy are permanent, and the frustration many women feel while working to attain the pre-pregnancy body can affect their self image.”

Instead of focusing on a pre-pregnancy goal, Dr. Kirby is suggesting a more holistic approach to plastic surgery after pregnancy and childbearing, designing a treatment plan centered around enhancing a woman’s feelings of well being and fitness.

Dr. Kirby highlights the key elements of her approach to the mommy makeover:

Expanding options beyond the breasts and body.
Traditionally, mommy makeovers have included breast lift and/or augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction, as the breasts and body are typically the most noticeably affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

While many of Dr. Kirby’s patients choose these procedure combinations, others elect to address signs of aging that have little to do with their pregnancy. “I do not confine the Mommy Makeover to any particular procedures,” says Dr. Kirby, “It can be any combination that makes a mom feel like herself again. If that means reshaping the nose as well as the abdomen, we’ll discuss that option.” She lists facial rejuvenation as a common post-pregnancy goal, including non-surgical options such as Botox & fillers.

A focus on lasting, age-appropriate solutions.
The typical mommy makeover patient ranges from 25 to 45+ years old. Dr. Kirby tailors her recommendations based on a patient’s unique situation. “A patient in her twenties will often have very different aesthetic goals than an older patient,” notes Dr. Kirby, “I work with my patients to design a treatment plan to provide the most natural look given a patient’s age, proportions, and lifestyle.”

She points out that although there is no time limit to having a mommy makeover, women considering breast and body procedures should wait until they are finished having children. For patients who have plans to continue growing their families, Dr. Kirby notes that facial and skin rejuvenation procedures can help refresh one’s appearance in ways that won’t be directly affected by future pregnancies.

An emphasis on open communication and patient education
Dr. Kirby notes that a frank and thorough discussion of a patient’s goals and expectations is essential to a satisfying outcome. “Embracing changes while understanding one’s medical options for fixing stubborn problems is key to a successful mommy makeover.”

While no procedure can turn back time, Dr. Kirby affirms that Fort Worth mommy makeover patients, by and large, are very glad they chose to have their procedures and report a significant improvement in their self-confidence and quality of life.

Dr. Kirby is available for interview and further discussion of mommy makeovers, women’s issues, and the decisions about appearance that any mom faces post-pregnancy.

About Kirby Plastic Surgery: Dr. Emily J. Kirby is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures; she is also a member of the American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons. For more information, visit kirbyplasticsurgery.com or read some of Dr. Emily Kirby’s reviews.

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