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How Men Can Benefit from Cosmetic Medicine (And Still Look Manly)

Man after plastic surgery at Kirby Plastic Surgery still looks manlyIn 2019, men tallied well over 1 million aesthetic procedures, and that number is likely to keep growing as more men learn how plastic surgeons can help them enhance their confidence. Men often wonder how a surgeon ensures they will still look masculine after cosmetic procedures. At Kirby Plastic Surgery, safely achieving the result that you want is our priority, and we personalize each procedure to give you your desired, natural-looking outcome.

Facial rejuvenation procedures for men

The general goal of any facial procedure for men is to distinguish your features while keeping you looking natural. And in the face, small changes can lead to impressive results.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) for men

The eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, eliminates sagging skin around the eyes, giving you a more youthful, rested appearance. While this procedure focuses on a small area of the face, it makes a noticeable difference in your appearance. Blepharoplasty can also improve your sight by removing overhanging skin that obstructs your field of vision.

Our approach for men: To avoid creating a cat-eyed, feminized appearance and to achieve results that look both natural and masculine, we remove excess skin without pulling the remaining skin tight. The shape of the incisions are also a bit different for men. After surgery, the shape of your eyes and eyebrows remains natural; the improvement comes from revealing more of your eyes and their expressions.

Male Eyelid Surgery Before and After
This male patient underwent an eyelid and brow lift.

Injectables for men

“Injectables” is the umbrella term for neurotoxins, like Botox®, fat-dissolving Kybella®, and dermal fillers, which are natural-feeling, biocompatible gels we inject beneath the skin. Botox is a versatile formula that is injected into specific muscles to stop your expressions from creating deep wrinkles, while dermal fillers are used to fill the skin in order to smooth wrinkles, to even out creases, such as those under the eyes, or to lift areas that lose volume as we age, like the cheeks.

Our approach for men: Men require larger doses of certain injectables because of the natural differences in their skin and musculature. But, to make sure you get a natural-looking result, injectors still need to avoid excessive filling or overuse of neurotoxins.

Men typically ask for softening of the lines, while maintaining full, meaningful movement of the facial muscles. With Botox, our injectors use a purposeful, light touch when injecting men to smooth wrinkles while allowing you to continue to form facial expressions. With dermal fillers, we carefully monitor the appearance of the area during your injections so that you never appear overfilled.

Body procedures for men

Men’s desired aesthetic outcomes for body procedures are quite different than those of women, and the techniques we use to achieve masculine outcomes mirror those differences.

Abdominoplasty, a.k.a. “tummy tuck,” for men

Loosened muscles, excess skin, and stubborn areas of fat that hang on despite diet and exercise—these are concerns that lead men to seek a stomach-flattening procedure. Whether you have lost weight and are left with stretched muscles and skin, or if you need an extra hand to address fat deposits that have accumulated out of proportion with the rest of your body, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) creates a firm muscular scaffolding and naturally tight—but not stretched—skin.

Tummy tuck surgery is not used for appearance alone: it may also help alleviate back pain caused by stretched abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). We can also incorporate umbilical hernia repair into your surgical plan, if needed.

Our approach for men: We customize this procedure for each man to restore an angular contour to your abdomen that is in proportion with the rest of your body. While women often request an hourglass shape, men typically want to simply look fit and natural, rather than thin or curvy. We will discuss your desired appearance at your consultation and make sure we are on the same page.

At Kirby Plastic Surgery, we help you get back to normal quickly after abdominoplasty by providing TAP block local anesthesia for pain management.

Liposuction for men

By permanently removing fat cells, liposuction—also called liposculpture—can make a noticeable change to your physique. Liposuction can show off a six-pack of muscles hiding under layers of fat, or remove fat pockets that stick around, despite exercise and dieting. This procedure requires very small incisions, approximately the diameter of a pencil eraser, and has a manageable recovery time.

Our approach for men: To customize liposuction to your physique, we take into account your frame and your individual needs, targeting areas that will make the biggest overall difference.

Male Liposuction Before and After
This 35 year-old patient was unable to lose excess fat deposited around his flanks and abdomen, despite being at a healthy body weight and exercising. Dr. Kirby performed liposuction, removing the unwanted fat and sculpting a smoother contour to the flanks and abdomen. The patient is very happy with his now 39″ waist and leaner physique.

Male breast reduction

Excess tissue in the breasts, also called gynecomastia, is often caused by an imbalance of hormones; weight gain is another contributing factor. For most men, the best way to eliminate it is through surgery. The goal of male breast reduction surgery is to reveal a flat, masculine chest. The surgical technique used depends on the cause of your gynecomastia. You may require liposuction, tissue removal surgery, or tissue removal surgery with excess skin excision.

Our approach for men: Regardless of the procedure necessary to flatten your chest, we carefully hide your scars, often within the outline of the areola (nipple) or within creases, and provide scar care instructions to help minimize noticeable scarring so you can feel confident going shirtless afterward.

Talk with your board certified plastic surgeon in Fort Worth

When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery, choose the best surgeon for the job—someone with an artistic eye, natural-looking results, and the highest standards of safety and care. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Emily Kirby has nearly a decade of experience helping Fort Worth men regain their confidence. To learn more or set up a face-to-face consultation, call our office at (817) 292-4200 or contact us online.

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