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Breast Enhancement Should Match Your Body AND Your Lifestyle

Once you’ve made the decision to have breast enhancement surgery, the next step is to decide exactly how you want to look after the surgery. It’s important to choose the appropriate implant size, so you’ll look your best. While it’s tempting to simply think that bigger is better, many women don’t realize that body type is an important part of the size equation. So is a woman’s lifestyle. Let me explain why.

To achieve natural-looking results from your augmentation, you want your enhanced breasts to be proportional with your frame. Your current breast size and your rib cage have to be considered. Your plastic surgeon should measure the diameter of your breasts and the thickness of the tissue to determine if you have enough volume to accommodate the implant size you want; if they are too large, the implants may show through your skin or your breasts may begin to droop prematurely from lack of support.

The overall size of your frame is also an important piece of the puzzle. If you’re thin with a small frame, getting implants that are too large can make you look top-heavy and unnatural. In this case, a moderately-sized implant might create a more balanced look. On the other hand, if you’re more curvaceous to begin with, having well-defined hips and waist, you may want to choose a little larger implant size to maintain a pleasing “hourglass” figure. In this case, the larger implants will make you look more proportionate, as if this had been your natural shape all along.

Your body type isn’t the only thing you need to consider if you want to get the best results from breast augmentation in Fort Worth. Your lifestyle plays a vital role as well. If you’re very active and athletic, large breasts might not be right for you. They can get in the way—literally—during certain sports, and the added weight could cause pain in your back and shoulders when you exercise, perhaps even affect your balance. A more modest implant size can still enhance your figure beautifully while still allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle in comfort.

Your plastic surgeon can help you sort through all the variables involved in planning your breast augmentation; I’m here to make sure that your new figure fits your body and complements your lifestyle. Make an appointment today, and let’s talk about your breast enhancement choices.

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