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5 Issues Corrected by Breast Augmentation

While it’s true that real beauty comes from within, living with a physical concern that makes you feel self-conscious can affect your well being. If you have issues with your breast appearance, a breast augmentation may able to address them. Here are five common concerns that can be corrected through breast enhancement—not only improving your appearance but also raising your self-confidence as well.

  • Flat Chest. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes breasts fail to develop to any noticeable degree. Some women don’t just have small breasts—they are truly flat-chested. It’s my experience that flat-chested women don’t usually want to become voluptuous, rather they simply want to be able to feel more feminine in their own bodies.
  • Breast Asymmetry. No one has breasts that are exactly alike, but for some women, the difference between their breasts is significant. Breast asymmetry can mean that one breast is visibly larger than the other, or there may be a difference in the shape of the each breast; it can have a genetic basis or it can be related to a difference in the growth rate of each breast. An increase in breast volume can create balance and make it easier to shop for bras and swimwear, and allow you to wear fitted clothing with increased confidence.
  • Reduced Volume After Pregnancy. For some women, one of the perks of being pregnant is the increase in breast size they experience. But after the baby is born, the breasts often return to their previous size or sometimes become smaller than they were before the pregnancy. Becoming a mother shouldn’t mean saying goodbye to feeling good about your appearance, and breast augmentation can help make sure that you don’t have to. A post-baby breast augmentation can also be part of a mommy makeover, a personalized combination of procedures that addresses changes resulting from pregnancy.
  • Reduced Volume After Weight Loss. Weight loss will make you smaller all over, including your breasts. If this isn’t quite the result you had in mind, breast augmentation can create a more shapely silhouette. I can increase breast volume to give you a more balanced, proportionate figure that complements your new slimmer frame. In this case, an augmentation might be combined with a breast lift to address excess, sagging skin that is often present after significant weight loss.
  • Congenital Abnormalities. Some women are born with issues that affect the size and shape of their breasts. One such issue is tubular breasts; as the name suggests, these breasts are more narrow than round and often hang, rather than project, from the chest wall. If necessary, I can combine breast augmentation with a breast lift, allowing me to increase breast volume and improve breast appearance by elevating them and giving the breasts a more natural shape.

If you’re concerned about any of these issues and are considering breast augmentation, I’d love to meet with you and discuss the ways that this procedure (or a combination of breast procedures) can improve your appearance and your state of mind. Please contact my office to schedule a consultation to learn about your options.

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