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5 Great Indoor Workouts in Fort Worth

As we leave warm weather behind and move into winter, it’s a good time to think about staying active during the cooler months. While you can sometimes continue outdoor workouts, it’s always helpful to have a few indoor options in mind when the weather refuses to cooperate. In order to look and feel your best, it’s important to optimize your health by eating well and exercising regularly. Here are a few suggestions for staying fit during the winter:

  1. Smart Barre—This is a workout intended to strengthen and lengthen muscles while focusing on what tend to be problem areas for many women: the core, hips, thighs, bottom, and arms. A traditional barre is used for balance, but this is not ballet. Light weights and weighted balls are incorporated in this upbeat class. By combining moves from Pilates, yoga, and ballet, this workout yields a dancer’s body without the tutu. “Smart” indeed!
  2. Chisholm Trail Community Center—For those who love variety, the Chisholm Trail Community Center will be a great option. This brand-new facility—due to open in January 2014—is one of 22 community centers in the Fort Worth area. At almost 20,000 square feet, the Chisholm Trail facility features a rock climbing wall, full-sized gym, fitness center, and aerobics studio. The price to join the community center system is low, and there’s something for everyone here, from toddlers to seniors.
  3. The Pilates Center—This peaceful, inviting center offers a variety of options including mat classes, group equipment classes, private and semi-private equipment training, and small yoga classes; it also specializes in prenatal and postpartum training. Personalized programs are possible at every budget due to the variety of options offered. Instructors are professionally certified and have over 600 hours of training, allowing them to keep workouts fresh.
  4. Urban Barre—Urban Barre at Urban Yoga has its roots in the yogic tradition, but this workout is set to hip music and burns up to 500 calories per class. It was the first barre class to be introduced in the Fort Worth area and treats participants to an energetic, sweat-inducing workout with a compassionate, presence-focused approach. Weights, bands, mat work, and a traditional ballet barre are used to achieve cardio conditioning and all-over toning.
  5. YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth—For those with children, the YMCA is a great option. With 16 different facilities across the city, the Y is convenient both in terms of location and quality childcare. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, strength training, or swimming laps, the Y has the facilities as well as a true community feel.

There are lots of indoor workout options here in Fort Worth—maybe this is the year to add a new fitness activity to your routine. Part of achieving comprehensive well-being is a healthy lifestyle, which includes being active all year long. See you in class!

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