Laser Hair Removal

Remove Unwanted Hair

Body hair isn’t really the problem. We all have it. The problem is when body hair appears in places we don’t necessarily want it to be. Unwanted hair on the face, legs, underarm or bikini line can be unsightly or just plain uncomfortable, not to mention a nuisance to constantly battle with shaving or waxing. If you have sensitive skin, these methods of temporary hair removal can sometimes be more painful than the thought of just living with the hair.

With laser hair removal, you don’t have to compromise. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle beneath the skin, so that following treatment it will not grow back.

Popular areas for laser hair removal

Our aesthetician can remove unwanted hair safely and effectively from nearly any area of the face or body for men or women. The most common areas requested for hair removal include:

  • Upper lip & face
  • Underarms
  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Back & chest

How laser hair removal works

The basic mechanism for laser hair removal is similar to any laser resurfacing treatment. Our aesthetician will apply a concentrated wavelength of heat and light to the skin, focusing on the hair follicle, where the melanin, or pigment is absorbed into the laser energy. This essentially destroys the hair follicle so the hair will not grow back.

The laser frequency is adjusted to best affect the color of hair to be removed, allowing us to successfully perform laser hair removal for a variety of patient skin and hair types. While you may feel a stinging sensation during treatment, patients typically find discomfort tolerable, and we can provide you with a topical cream to soothe the area after treatment. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

There is typically no downtime after laser hair removal, although you may experience some redness and soreness at the site for a few days after treatment. It is also important to keep the treated area protected from the sun.

A few important facts about laser hair removal

While laser hair removal can be a rewarding and time-saving procedure, it is better suited to certain individuals.

  • It’s best for darker hair on lighter skin, although this is relative. In general, however, the hair you want to remove needs to have a darker pigment than the surrounding skin for the laser to be effective.
  • You will need a series of 4 to 8 treatments to completely remove hair from an area. The laser needs to hit the hair at the active stage of the growth cycle, and individual hairs in an area run on different cycles. You will notice the unwanted hair growing thinner and lighter as treatment progresses, until it is gone. Factors influencing the number of treatments needed include gender, location of the hair, and ethnicity.
  • Results are typically permanent. Usually, this is what patients want. However, future changes in hormonal levels, including certain hormone therapies, can cause hair to regrow in some individuals.

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