Updated May 31, 2016

Vibrant 40s

Embrace your 40s — Make smart choices to defy the aging process with grace

You’ve got it all now—wisdom, confidence, and experience. Exercise intelligent options to rejuvenate, refresh, and present a more youthful appearance to the world. It’s time to match your appearance to your vibrant outlook on life and protect your good looks for the future.

Breast Procedures — Be the Best You Can Be

The aging process can affect the breast in a number of ways. Breasts can droop, sag, or lose volume; a breast augmentation and/or breast lift can give you a fresh, appealing silhouette. If you’ve been living with overly large, cumbersome breasts, free yourself of that burden with breast reduction surgery.

Body Procedures — Correct and Enhance

Body contouring surgery for your arms, legs, and trunk can remove excess or sagging skin, whether caused by the aging process, childbearing, or weight loss. If you’ve lost weight and adopted a healthy approach to eating and exercise, congratulations! Areas of fat that don’t respond to your new lifestyle can be addressed through liposuction.

Facial Procedures — An Elegant Approach

Whatever the extent of your facial aging issues, seek a solution that brings you natural, refreshed beauty. Minimal signs of aging can be treated nonsurgically; Botox® can minimize furrows and wrinkles while discouraging new wrinkles from developing, and injectable fillers plump up skin and help replace lost collagen. People who choose a facelift or other facial lifting procedure in their forties still have good skin elasticity and can expect particularly effective results.

Skin Care — Energize, Renew, and Shine!

It’s time to focus on firming and tightening your face, neck, and décolletage, as well as battle sun damage. Professional-grade products rich in antioxidants and corrective ingredients help you alleviate the effects of aging on your skin. Don’t forget to protect and soothe your eyes and lips too.

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