How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Learn about CoolSculpting prices in Fort Worth

Are you considering having CoolSculpting to help you reduce unwanted fat pockets? If so, you probably want to know how much the CoolSculpting procedure will cost. The exact price for CoolSculpting varies from patient to patient, and will depend on your individual needs and goals. We can provide an exact, all-inclusive price quote during a personal consultation at our Fort Worth office.

A few things that factor into your total CoolSculpting cost:

  • What areas you are having treated (abdomen, double chin, thighs, etc.)
  • How many areas you are having treated. We offer “Dual Sculpting” at Kirby Plastic Surgery, which allows us to treat two areas or both sides of the body at once.
  • Pre- and post-treatment appointments

In general, costs for CoolSculpting at Kirby Plastic Surgery begin at about $750 per area, per treatment. On occasion, we’ll run special discounts on CoolSculpting for our patients. We also offer flexible financing options for patients interested in paying for their CoolSculpting procedure in monthly installments.

The best way to learn if CoolSculpting is the right fat reduction option for you is to meet with our certified CoolSculpting technician. During your appointment, she will listen to your goals and help you understand what might be possible with CoolSculpting. If you decide that CoolSculpting is right for you, we’ll apply your consultation fee toward your treatment.

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