Updated February 24, 2020

Dynamic 50s

What a fabulous time to enjoy life — the 50s are about refinement and polish

In full command of your life, you approach the aging process with poise and intelligence—and look for smart ways to maintain a youthful appearance. It’s time to greet every day with confidence and a smile.

Breast Procedures — Be Comfortable With Your Look

It’s not too late to consider a breast augmentation, perhaps in combination with a breast lift, to achieve the look you desire. Changes to the breast such as drooping, sagging nipples, sagging or excess skin, and lost volume can be addressed with these procedures, leading to a more youthful and energized appearance.

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Body Procedures — Reclaim and Define

Reclaim your body! If diet and exercise alone aren’t creating the changes you want to see or hormonal changes are causing unwanted changes to your figure, consider a body shaping procedure. A tummy tuck can help you get back your waist by removing excess skin and fat. Additional body lifting procedures can rid you of excess skin and create a shapely, contoured body.

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Facial Procedures — Graceful Lifting & Refinement

For many people in their fifties, it is time to consider the more fundamental improvements and long-lasting results offered by surgical facial procedures. A facelift, brow lift, and/or eyelid surgery can lift sagging tissue and remove excess skin, thus turning back the clock on facial aging. Would you simply like to add volume and reduce appearance of wrinkles? Nonsurgical alternatives such as injectable fillers and Botox offer improvement without surgery.

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Skin Care — Nourish, Protect, and Dazzle!

It’s time to address years of sun damage and restore a smoother, healthier complexion. Chemical peels and dermabrasion can renew the skin, bringing back a dewy glow. Use age-defying, medical-grade products that gently cleanse your face, energize collagen production, and protect you from the sun. If you have sensitive skin and need to alleviate redness or itching, soothing products can help heal and hydrate.

  • Try ResurFX Laser treatments to address fine lines and age spots with minimal downtime
  • Target age-related flaws and boost your overall youthfulness with dermaplaning + MicroPeel
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Improving your appearance is all about confidence. Here’s some helpful info to make confident decisions about plastic surgery at a mature age.