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Dr. Kirby Explains the Botox Lip Flip in MedEsthetics Magazine

Dr. Kirby recently published an article on the Botox Lip Flip, a wildly popular procedure she has mastered during her 10 years as a plastic ... Read the full post

Best Ways to Reduce a Double Chin: Is Kybella, CoolSculpting, or Liposuction Right for You?

Not thrilled with your double chin? You’re in luck. Plastic surgeons now have several great options for double chin reduction, including neck liposuction, Kybella injections, ... Read the full post

Is DIY CoolSculpting at Home With Ice Packs Safe?

Not long ago, we had someone call our office and inquire about what “utensils” they might use to perform their own breast surgery. In my ... Read the full post
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