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Best Ways to Reduce a Double Chin: Is Kybella, CoolSculpting, or Liposuction Right for You?

Not thrilled with your double chin? You’re in luck. Plastic surgeons now have several great options for double chin reduction, including neck liposuction, Kybella injections, and CoolSculpting. We offer all three of these popular procedures at Kirby Plastic Surgery and Kalos Medical Spa because, while all serve a similar purpose, each has unique benefits. There’s […]

Is DIY CoolSculpting at Home With Ice Packs Safe?

Not long ago, we had someone call our office and inquire about what “utensils” they might use to perform their own breast surgery. In my 10 years in practice as a board certified plastic surgeon, I’ve fielded a lot of interesting questions, but this one took the cake in terms of off-the-wall requests! While most […]

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