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Dr. Emily Kirby Says Timing is Everything for Children Who Need Plastic Surgery

Fort Worth, Texas doctor emphasizes the importance of early reconstructive surgery for pediatric patients. Fort Worth, Texas, November 24, 2014—Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. ... Read the full post

The Mommy Makeover: A Different Take on the Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure

Widely regarded as one of the most popular combined cosmetic procedures today, the ‘mommy makeover’ gets a makeover from Texas based plastic surgeon Emily J. ... Read the full post

Plastic Surgery Can Help Treat Birth Abnormalities in Children While Improving Self-Esteem, Says Dr. Emily J. Kirby

Ear abnormalities, craniofacial conditions, tumors, and lesions in children can be treated through plastic surgery procedures Fort Worth, Texas, January 20, 2014—Plastic surgery often ... Read the full post

Dr. Emily J. Kirby Touts Traditional Liposuction for Lasting Spot Fat Reduction

While other technologies offer potential, Ft. Worth plastic surgeon says liposuction surgery remains the gold standard treatment Fort Worth, Texas, January 16, 2013—Despite a ... Read the full post

What You Don’t Know about Mommy Makeovers

Fort Worth plastic surgeon says popular surgical approach is a combination of customized surgeries, not one standard procedure Fort Worth, Texas, October 10, 2012—While ... Read the full post